Travel Diary: Nuy Valley, Worcester

Last weekend, my boyfriend, his family and I made our way up to Nuy Valley. Nuy Valley is situated about 17kms outside Worcester. In the valley there are various wine farms and the famous Willow Creek, known for its olive oil. We went to Nuy Valley because we had a wedding to attend (that is for another post). The valley itself is beautiful, filled with vineyards, succulents and plants. … More Travel Diary: Nuy Valley, Worcester

My Favourite Bloggers

I have been into blogging for a good couple of years now, on and off with posting, but there are some blogs that I have followed religiously for those years. I find you build a connection with some bloggers and their content. Some blogs post more travel posts, DIY, fashion or beauty. You find what you are interested in and follow the blogs that intrigue you the most. I have chosen my five favourite bloggers to share with you. … More My Favourite Bloggers

Outfit of the Day: The Over Worn Skirt

I am sorry if this post seems like a slap and dash. I have been so busy the past two weeks that I haven’t been able to put much thought into what I want to write. University hasn’t even started yet. Oh dear, not off to a great start. Anyway on to what I am wearing. For those who know me, they know I absolutely love this skirt. I wear it fairly often. … More Outfit of the Day: The Over Worn Skirt