Embroidered Jeans








Embroidery has been a popular trend this summer season. It has appeared on jackets, jeans, tops, shoes, bags, etc. I got this great pair of jeans for Christmas and I have been wanting to wear them everyday since. Unfortunately it has been a very hot summer and wearing jeans is not an everyday occasion. These beauties were purchased from Forevernew. I decided to wear them on a Sunday outing with my boyfriend, not knowing that we would take a stroll on the beach. Maybe not the best idea to wear jeans to the beach. I paired the jeans with a subtle off-the-shoulder top from Zara and tan leather sandals that I purchased in Rome, last summer. HUGE TIP: Buy your leather shoes in Italy, the quality and style of shoes are the best. For Accessories, I am wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses, my Tommy Hilfiger watch and my Nomination bracelet.

The one thing about Cape Town, is that if you take a half an hour drive away from the city centre, you can find beautiful hidden spots that make you feel like you are on holiday. Cape Town is blessed with beautiful beaches and scenery. Two oceans on either side and you can experience four different seasons across the Cape. It is a true blessing living in such a beautiful city.

What do you get up to on the weekends?


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