University Guide: How to Stay Organized in 2017


For those who know me, they know that organization is my thing. Once starting university, I realized that one cannot survive without some type of diary or planner. So for those of you who are starting university, here are some of my tips to help you stay organized:

  1. Year Planner – To get an overview on what tests, projects and work dates you have coming up in the next month, it would be a good idea to buy a year planner. The one seen in the photo above is actually a free print from Career Girl Daily. However, for the previous years, I just printed off a Microsoft version.
  2. Pocket Diary – This little black diary is always on me. It is so small it can fit into my handbag/backpack. This makes it easy for me to write down in more detail on what I need to do each day. My trusty diary pictured above is from Typo.
  3. Download GoogleKeep – The ultimate to-do list App. I write all the things I need to do and categorize them. It helps me keep on top of things on-the-go. Do you also get the satisfaction of ticking off things?
  4. Link up your phone and laptop – If you have an iPhone and a Mac, you know how easy it is to link up your calender on both devices. This helps keep everything updated without even trying.
  5. Keep reminders on your phone – At university, due dates and times are crucial. Miss the 12pm? Well guess you are getting zero for the assignment. Remind yourself what time assignments open and close.
  6. File everything – Filing really helps keeping your notes or assignments in order. This helps with not loosing pieces of paper containing important instructions.
  7. Colour co-ordinate – On my year planner, I highlight around common activities. For example a blue highlighted block means a test. Colour can help jog your memory easier than writing.
  8. Create a motivating environment – I enjoy a warm cup of Earl Grey tea to make me feel better while studying. A clean desk can make you feel more organised. A better and more motivating environment can help you stay more on top of assignments and studying.
  9. Take advantage of spare time – Take a moment to recollect your thoughts and that can often generate a more organised thought process.
  10. Balance your lifestyle – Remember that when you are organizing everything, that you should not neglect other aspects such as exercise or your social life. If some parts of your life are neglected, it can be stressful and you stop keeping track of important test dates, etc.

I hope some of these will help you stay organized at university in 2017! These are just a few things that I try to do to get everything done. 


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