Outfit of the Day: Midnight Blue


Top – Vintage
Skirt – Pull & Bear
Shoes – Due South
Necklace – Kalk Bay Co-op
Watch – Tommy Hilfiger
Bag – Peridot

This is actually what I wore on Valentines Day. My Valentines Day consisted of me picking up my boyfriend from hospital, tutoring and eating just sweet potato and salad (long story short, the meat was off). Needless to say, I still had a pretty good Valentines Day, I got to spend the day with my special person and that’s what counts. Valentines Day is all about declaring your love for someone but I also believe it’s about the small things. Such as being there for your special someone when they need to be picked up from hospital and showing that you care and love them through helping them out when they really need you. Seven months ago I could have lost him entirely, so now I take every moment I have with him as a blessing and appreciate everything he does and has done for me.

Moving on from the emotional stuff, the outfit I am wearing is a personal favourite. It is simple and has the androgynous flare that I love. I wear sneakers with almost everything. Especially at university. I want to be comfortable when I walk across campus (for those who know UCT, there are a lot of steps, it feels like I am doing a workout everyday). Because it was Valentines Day I did dress it up with a vintage navy blue camisole and Pull & Bear denim skirt. I could have worn delicate sandals, but where is the fun in that? I am wearing my Tommy Hilfiger watch AGAIN! In all honesty, it is the only watch that I have that works and my arm feels naked without my watch on. Who else feels the same? Also excuse my awkward posing, still getting used to taking outfit photos and don’t know how to pose properly. I am still learning, so give me a few more photo shoots. In the mean time if any models want to show me how to pose correctly, it would be greatly appreciated. It is also very hard not to smile and get that “street style” shot. Eventually I shall get it, right?

Leave your best pose down below in the comments and maybe I can learn something! 


3 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Midnight Blue

  1. Rachel Moore says:

    maybe you need a new photographer – teehee!! Lovely sincere words about the meaning of Valentines Day to you – its not always about roses and eating out. its the simple things … and yes you look cute!


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