What to Pack for a Weekend Away


(Bag – Vera Pelle Italy, Jeans – ZARA, Sandals – ZARA, Sneakers – Due South, Camera – Fuji Instax Mini, Jacket – Old Khaki, Dress – America Eagle, Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Perfume – The Fragrance Shop, Jewelry – Local Markets, Belt – Country Road, Jersey –  H&M, Top – Forever New)

There are no words to describe how much I love packing. I find it therapeutic. It gets me excited on what is to come. Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I get envious when I see travel bloggers photos of their most recent trips. I just want to get on a plane and explore. Money is a bit of an issue though… And finishing my degree. I like to think of myself as a professional packer (sometimes). There is no point on going away for two nights and taking my entire wardrobe. I don’t think I have a bag big enough to fit it all in.

Tip number one: CHECK THE WEATHER – I always check the weather before I go away, it gives me an indication if I need to pack in warmer or colder climate clothes. I checked the weather for Hermanus and it said it is going to rain tomorrow (happy and sad about this). I threw in my trusty pair of ZARA jeans and H&M white jersey to keep me warm on Saturday. Alternatively, my weather App shows it is going to be 29°C on Sunday, so I packed in my favourite American Eagle dress to change things up.

Tip number two: Add in Accessories – Accessories are important to make a basic outfit a little more interesting. I do not own any “crazy out of this world jackets” so adding a delicate piece of silver jewelry adds depth and detail to my outfits. Unfortunately majority of my jewelry I have picked up are from markets or received as presents, so I do not know where to get them. My usual accessories are added, such as my Country Road leather belt and Vera Pelle Italy leather handbag.

Tip number three: PACK IN COMFORTABLE SHOES – I can not emphasize this one enough. I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot in my short life, but with this I have already learnt major traveling lessons. On my first day of Rome, I wore my new knee high boots and got a huge blister, because we walked about 15kms. I always pack in a pair of sneakers incase I do a bit more walking than planned. These Due South sneakers are the perfect white shoe and also half the price of Adidas!

Tip number four: Always have your camera ready – I love capturing memories and one of my favourite new devices that I use is the Fuji Instax Mini. My boyfriend chose well with the black one because it matches half of my wardrobe. Bonus! I also include my Canon DSLR to take more photos with.

Tip number five: Do not pack in too many toiletries – I know from first hand experience that toiletries are heavy to lug around. Decant your hair shampoo into tiny bottles and do not bring all your make-up. You want to be exploring, so spending time on a full-face of make-up is unnecessary. Bring what you need and nothing more. Remember deodorant because tons of walking can get a little sweaty, depending on what type of trip you are doing.

Do not forget to relax and enjoy your weekend away. Having a perfectly packed suitcase adds to the overall satisfaction of your holiday (not too heavy and you packed in the right amount of clothes). I hope these tips will help some of you with your upcoming trips. My favourite posts to read are what to pack and travel posts, what are yours?


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