Outfits of the Weekend: Hermanus Edition

This post follows on from my What to Pack for a Weekend Away post last week, which showed almost every single item that I am wearing down below. It was so nice to travel light and wear every single item in my bag. Here is how I paired the clothing items together to create my weekend getaway outfits.


Friday’s Outfit: Another post with Chelsea wearing a t-shirt, sneakers and denim. Shocker. I wanted to be comfy when I drove up to Gordon’s Bay in peak time traffic. Therefor, I threw on my trusty striped H&M 3/4 t-shirt, ZARA shorts and Due South Sneakers. The necklace I am wearing is from the Gold Company, a beautiful 21st birthday present. Another thing I would like to mention is that I hardly wear make-up, not because I was blessed with radiant and smooth skin (actually quiet the contrary) but because I am lazy and picking an outfit to wear already takes up most of my time.


Saturday’s Outfit: I only realised later that Saturday evening, that I forgot to get an outfit photo. My outfit was simple with a delicate blue embroidered top from Forever New and my favourite pair of ZARA jeans. I wish the jeans fitted me as well as they did 2 months ago but since I have been exercising and eating better, the jeans are a lot looser than I would like. I guess it is a good thing…


Sunday’s Outfit: It was about 10 degrees hotter today, so I decided that I would wear my favourite dress from American Eagle. Since the dress has hints of burgundy and red in it I paired my red Vera Pelle hand bag and burgundy sandals (ZARA) and jacket (Old Khaki). Even though I do not wear dresses often I do feel cute and put together whenever I wear one.

Hopefully I shall be traveling more and able to do more related posts like these!


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