Outfit of the Day: The Over Worn Skirt


I am sorry if this post seems like a slap and dash. I have been so busy the past two weeks that I haven’t been able to put much thought into what I want to write. University hasn’t even started yet. Oh dear, not off to a great start. Anyway on to what I am wearing. For those who know me, they know I absolutely love this skirt. I wear it fairly often. Unfortunately it is white and gets dirty EVERY TIME I wear it. I wish I was one of those incredible people who can keep their white clothes clean, but I am not…

My white skirt is from Topshop and has silver buttons. I usually wear it high waisted but today I decided to try out something new. I actually really like it. I am sporting my usual Ray Bans and Tommy Hilfiger watch (not seen in the photos above). The shiny long sleeve top is from ZARA and I love it so much. I knew I would love it when I set eyes on it. A baggy long sleeve top to cover up that winter fat is right down my alley! Lastly, I am wearing my suede black and burgundy Vans and my Periodt leather backpack.

Unfortunately my week is super busy and hopefully I shall be able to upload Fridays post! Wish me luck!


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