Life Update #2


I am going to make these “Life Updates” a monthly thing. It’s a great way to engage with my readers on a more personal level. So, what is new?

First of all, I cut my hair again. Not a massive difference, just enough to make it last for the next 3 months. Before this blog, I used to have very long hair. I enjoyed my long hair, it was great to style. I am a big fan of french plaits. But I was longing for a change. I needed something different about myself to spark something in me. And to be honest, it did. I felt different because I looked different. It felt good and still feels good. It also has major benefits such as drying quickly and not getting as knotty. I think the short hair is going to be staying for quite some time.

On the university front, I start next week. I am going into my 4th year as a Business Science student. It is possibly my final year and I am nervous for the future to come. I have also decided to keep myself busy for the semester. I have become a tutor and joined the UCT marketing society committee. A busy time ahead but excited for what is to come. Hopefully I shall be able to post on a regular basis. I have already created a few blog posts to fill in some gaps when necessary.

I went away two weekends ago, to Hermanus and had an incredible time. Next weekend I am heading to Worscester for a wedding (get ready for a wedding outfit post and getaway weekend post). I am excited to explore more of South Africa and take in the beautiful country side it has on offer.

What are you all up to this year?


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