Travel Diary: Nuy Valley, Worcester

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Last weekend, my boyfriend, his family and I made our way up to Nuy Valley. Nuy Valley is situated about 17kms outside Worcester. In the valley there are various wine farms and the famous Willow Creek, known for its olive oil. We went to Nuy Valley because we had a wedding to attend (that is for another post). The valley itself is beautiful, filled with vineyards, succulents and plants.

To be honest, there is not much to do in Nuy Valley, other than taste wine and beer. There is one restaurant, called Nuy on the Hill (original). I personally think someone should capitalize on this and open another restaurant in the area. However, the view was beautiful from the restaurant and the food wasn’t too bad.

Saggy Stone, is another place to go to in the area. They do beer tastings and food. It is located a few kilometers away from the valley and is off road. I recommend the Desert beer, its a winner. And I don’t usually like beer. It had a relaxing ambiance created through live music and in the middle of a vineyard.

We stayed at De Wilge Guest House. Probably the best view in the entire valley but the accommodation was over priced for what you actually got. It was noisy, you could hear what everyone was doing. It was not pleasant to be woken up to someone else’s alarm that had been ringing for half an hour.

Overall our experience of the weekend was fun and we appreciated going away somewhere different. If we went back we probably would book different accommodation.


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