Outfit of the Day: Wedding Attire


This is the first wedding that I have attended as an adult. The last one I remember attending was my grade 2 teacher’s wedding. I was rather excited to go out and get myself a dress that was appropriate for the occasion. Woolworths had brought out a whole range of summer dresses and a friend of mine convinced me to get this dress. The soft lavender colour was the perfect pairing with the dress. Even through there is not much to the dress, it elegances and simplicity shines through.

I kept my accessories and shoes matching. All silver (Surprised? I am not). The sparkly clutch is from Forever New and my bracelet is from Pandora. I curled my hair for the occasion and applied some make-up, the most amount of effort I have put into my appearance since my 21st. I cannot wait for another wedding so I can wear this dress again and feel like a princess for the night. However, I may look into more comfortable shoes as I have learnt through many occasions that highs are not for me.

Tell me a story from when you attended a wedding. I would like to hear everyones opinions about weddings. 


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