Top 10 Places I Want To See

I always have the travel bug. Every time I see a blogger post about their most recent destination or watch a YouTube video from a travel vlogger, I just about want to jump on a plane and never return. Realistically though, it is very expensive to travel and because of the South African Rand, our currency is not worth much in other places. So saving is what us South Africans have to do. I watch a Carte Blanche (look how educated I am) recently about how Millennials rate travel as their top priority above saving and buying a house. I can completely see the point but I do understand the basics of saving to sustain your future (the business student coming out).

I have formulated a list of the top 10 places I want to go to in the world. I have done this because when you write down goals and  aspirations, you are most likely to do them. And I REALLY want to travel to all these places.

1. Eastern Europe


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I put Eastern Europe as a whole place because there is a whole bunch of countries I want to see and explore. Preferably all in one trip. They are right next to each other anyway. Greece, Croatia, Turkey, The Chez Republic and Hungry. All interesting and beautiful places riddled with historically culturing cities and towns. Europe has always fascinated me. I have been privileged to have travelled to many Western European Countries already but to be honest, Eastern Europe has always been on top of my list. Being born in by the sea, I love the ocean. But only when it is warm. I want to dive into the ocean in Greece and swim in the thermal baths in Budapest.



(Source: Pinterest)

One of my friends recently went there and the photos that surfaced on Facebook were out of this world. The markets in Marrakech and Casablanca is my top priority! I shall not be able to resist not buying everything! I love the Moroccan artistry of their rugs, bags, pottery, etc.  The architecture is influenced by many cultures, such as French, Islamic, Berber and Hispano-Moor (Spanish/Islamic combined). The architecture shows the history and culture of the country and I cannot wait to experience it all. Plus their food is pretty damn good.



(Source: Pinterest)

For many years, I thought Iceland would not be a great destination to explore. However, after some clever marketing ploys, otherwise known as destination marketing, I have been convinced to visit one day. If I can ever save up for it. Many YouTubers and travel bloggers have been taken to Iceland and paid to record and post about their trip. Clever if you ask me. I was sold since watching the first video. The thermal baths where you can apply the sand as a face mask and the dark sanded beaches, truly amaze me.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark


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Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It was originally be a fishing village. However in the 21st century it boomed with major cultural and economical development. The city is know for striking contemporary architecture, engaging public spaces and lots of human activity. The city is full of history, seen in its architecture, museums, galleries and canals. And the bonus is that they have Danish pastries. I believe food is one of the most important aspects of experiencing each country’s culture. Or that just an excuse for me to eat unnecessary amounts of food?

5.New York City


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I think every girl wants to experience New York City. Go window shopping on 5th avenue, drink a coffee in Soho, look at galleries in Brooklyn and stroll through Central Park. A trip to broadway would make the trip even better. From what I have heard, New York City is expensive. So I better start saving now, for the rest of my life.



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This is one of the cheaper vacation options. Also Asian food is AMAZING. A cooking course is one of the first things I would do there. Topped with snorkling in the ocean, hiking in the rice fields, riding a motorcycle around the island, exploring the temples… The options are endless. Hopefully I shall be heading here in the next year or two.

7.Inca Trails


(Source: Pinterest)

I want to hike to Machu Picchu. This may sound silly and far fetched but it has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and learnt about the “Lost City of Inca”. It will be great to take a break from reality and hike for a few days.



(Source: Pinterest)

Half of my family is from Germany. I have been privileged enough to have visited Munich and Rhine Valley already. However, I want to learn more about my family’s culture. This is one country I am passionated about traveling around to all the major cities. It has been one of my favourite countries that I have ever travelled to. Maybe it is because I can relate to it on some level. It brings back memories of me learning to speak German with my Oma and having German night with my family. It generally consists of eating bockwurst and sauerkraut while getting drunk on Gluhwein.



(Source: Pinterest)

The Indian culture has always fascinated me. I enjoy the spices in the food and their traditional clothing. Honestly, I only ever thought of India as a place to visit once I watch “Slumdog Millionaire”. Now this film does not promote India at all as a place to vacation to. I actually would love to go there to volunteer in the slums. My dad would not be happy about this as he would say it is too dangerous. It probably is, but hopefully one day I can find a program that will allow me to join for a few weeks and help out.



(Source: Pinterest)

I honestly just want to go to the Great Wall of China. I did a project as a child where I had to build the Great Wall of China and learn the history about it. It was so cool that I told my dad that I have to go one day.  The Chinese lifestyle is very different to South Africa, and it would be interesting to be exposed to it one day.

Even though these are my top 10 places, I actually have a top 20, but that would be way too much to write.


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