Life Update #3


Here we go, another monthly update. To be honest, I do not have much to say. Since university has started, the workload has increased. I am about to hand in my proposal for my thesis on Monday. I can’t wait to hand it in and not look at it for a few weeks. Shout out to my awesome group members who have woken up early every morning this week so we can meet at 8am! Honestly would not be able to get through this year without them!

Throughout the chaos that is my life, I have still managed to post two blog posts a week. *Mental pat on the back*. This past week has been hectic. On addiction to working on our thesis, my boyfriend, Matthew, went in for another surgery this week. From early mornings at university, to visiting him at hospital and his home, I am so happy to say that tomorrow is Saturday. I may even be able to sleep in for the first time this week.

Last month I finished the book Under a Silent Moon, by Elizabeth Haynes, and now I am on to her other book Behind Closed Doors. It has only been in the last half a year that I have gotten back into reading. I have found the genre I enjoy to read and from that realized how much I missed reading. Crime fiction, I was surprised myself. Though I have always been into CSI and Criminal mind. Maybe a book review on the books from Elizabeth Haynes shall pop up soon. Let’s see if I like Behind Closed Doors as I am only 5o pages in. So far so good.

Lastly, I am not to sure what I have planned for the next month, other than to study. So if I miss a day or two, please excuse me. I really do enjoy blogging but I also enjoy my sleep, as I seem to be writing majority of these blogposts late at night. I have been living off coffee recently because a sleepy Chelsea is not a happy Chelsea. Hopefully I shall be able to get my 8 hours of sleep a night in for the rest of the month.

Sorry for the short update! Simply put, I don’t have much to update you on. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of the Liepsig Wine farm! Went a little crazy with my camera. 


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