Top 5 Cafes in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town


I am a Southern Suburbs girl. Most of you may not know what that it is. The Southern Suburbs is the South End of Cape Town. Here in the Southern Suburbs it is a culture to go out to cafés with your friends. Almost everyone does it. You know about it because everyone Instagrams about it. I feel as if I have attended my fair share of cafés and have winded down the 5 top cafés I enjoy to go to. I thought I should share it with you.


Knead is my boyfriend’s and my go to place for breakfast. It is situated along the Muizenberg beach front where you can watch the brave surfers brave the cold waters and icy winds. The ambiance of the café is relaxed and bright. The menu has almost every option imaginable, so all kinds of food lovers are catered for.

2.Chardonnay Deli

Chardonnay Deli holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the few places that my boyfriend and I went on our first dates. It is not noticeable as it is hidden along the busy road between Constantia and Hout bay. They make a mean vegan, non-carb chocolate cake. I think I was in chocolate cake heaven. There is also a deli inside where you can choose from a selection of meats, cheeses, bread, spreads, etc.

3.Four and Twenty

Where do I even start? This place is amazing. It is hidden in the heart of Chelsea Village in Wynberg. This place has everything but one tip I can give you is try their specials which is always on the front page of the menu. YUMMY! They even give you the option to create your down breakfast or lunch from a wide selection of ingredients. It does come at a price though, but that is what you pay for top quality food.


I remember when the first bootlegger opened up and now there is one in almost every suburb. This is the place to be if you are a coffee admirer. I went to the Bootlegger on Kalk Bay main road and had a latté whiling sharing a garlic pita bread with a friend. You can eat garlic bread anytime of the day in my opinion. It is simply the best thing in existence. When I was on my diet at the beginning of the year, I had to cut out garlic bread and it was honestly on of the hardest things to watch you friends eat it.

5.Olympia Café

Olympia has been around since I can first remember. I have been going their since I was a kid. In the past few years it has always been very busy but my family have been making use of their deli on the side. It socks almost everything the café does. Their Nutella and chocolate croissants are so good. I usually sneak one in before work. Also in winter that make amazing soup and have quite a few to choose from.

Those were my top 5 café spots in the Southern Suburbs. What are your favourite places to go to in Cape town?


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