Work Inspiration Wish List


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.09.15 PM

It has dawned on me that next year I am most likely going to enter the work environment. As much as I love to wear track suit pants the whole day, I don’t think that will accepted when I start working. I feel like a little girl day dreaming about her future. Joining the corporate world, working hard and looking super stylish. A girl can dream right? With a new lifestyle, comes a new wardrobe, but that costs money. Money I wish I have, but I don’t. So I created an inspiration board on Polyvore so I can start preparing now. I like to always be prepared, whether it be for a lecture or a weekend getaway. Lists are my thing. Preparing for my future wardrobe is just up my alley. I am going to use this when I go shopping in order to inspire me but also get exactly what I need.

Does anyone else consider this? Or am I the only one?


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