April Favourites


It is the end of the month and I decided to try something different. A monthly favourites. I do not experiment enough each month with new make-up or skin care, but I would like to incorporate my favourite fashion items each month.

  1. Tea – This month I have been drinking tons of teas. It is my relaxer after a busy stressful day at university. I enjoy drinking it when watching a TV series (13 Reasons Why) or before I go to bed at night.
  2. Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey – I have been rubbing this stuff on my legs and arms to smell good everyday. The scent is heavenly and it makes me feel better.
  3. Typo Diary – this little book has my life in it. I cannot go a day without looking at it. With the massive amount of assignments I have due, I have to stay on top of it and organized.
  4. Fugi Instax Mini – I have always been someone who loves to capture moments and this camera has given me the ability to capture all the memories that are my favourite. My 21st birthday, Christmas, weekends away and anniversaries.
  5. Body Shop Grapefruit hand cream – after I wash my hands I put this cream on. I probably look weird because I smell my hands for the next 10 minutes after applying because I love the scent. I love citrus scents and this cream makes my dry hands so much softer.
  6. Avon Barely There Gel Finish nail polish – Over the December holidays I applied this nail polish almost every week. I love a good nude nail polish and this stuff is absolutely perfect.
  7. Avon Clear Skin Pore Penetrating face mask – Black heads are my worst nightmare. I hate them because I can see them all over my face. When I apply this face mask, I see a dramatic change in the black head count.
  8. H&M Shiny Pleated Top – This beauty was a gift for Christmas. I love the style of this top as it is the most flattering on my stumpy figure. This is what I imagine the perfect New Years Eve top looks like. I wore it this month when my university group had a strategic thinking assignment.
  9. Try Not To Breath by Holly Seddon – LOVE LOVE LOVE! I was thinking of doing a book review, so I do not want to reveal anything. Go do yourself a favour and read it.

What are your monthly favourites?


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