Outfit of the Day: Felt like I was in the movie Tarzan for the Day


On Saturday, Cape Town reached 35 degrees! As much as I love warm weather, it was just too hot. I had no choice but to wear a dress, the less amount of clothes, the less hot and sticky I felt. I love this dress from ZARA. I bought it for a friends 21st last year, but had yet to wear it since. The one shoulder strap made me feel like I was appropriately dressed to be in the movie Tarzan. In the dresses simplicity, it was odd to feel so bold and wearing something different to what I would normally wear. It is challenging to get out of your comfort zone but also satisfying.

The whole day I wanted to jump into the ocean and swim. I had the opportunity in the afternoon but once I touched the water I knew that the chest infection I have been struggling to get rid of may get worse. My boyfriend, Matthew, was a little more brave and successfully swam twice in the ice cold water. I was pretty impressed until he tried to hug me.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and got up to something fun! My next week is full of studying and marking of assignments.Β 


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