Cape Town Markets #2: Oranjezicht City Farm – Market


If it is not evident by now that I love food then I clearly haven’t been writing enough about food. Last weekend my boyfriend and I finally decided to visit the Oranjezicht City Farm Market. It is situated in Granger Bay, just behind the Waterfront. The market happens every Saturday morning. You can park in the waterfront and take a 2-5 minute walk there. It is busy and vibey, just the way you think a market should be.

What I love about this market is that that sell tons of fresh produce. Truly sticking to the definition of a farmers market. The market is smaller than I thought it would be. Also due to it only being between 9am and 2pm, you would think there would be more breakfast options? I think there were two places that offered breakfast, with two options each. And being a fussy eater, I did not like any of them. I guess that is my own fault.

However, this place does have a wide range selection of foods, whether it be for consumption there or for later. There was bread, brownies, meat and fresh produce that you could take home for later. Addition to the food, there was arts and crafts such as handbags and picture frames. Plants and flowers were also sold there. A wide variety of everything you would expect a farmers market would have.

I tried the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, swopping out red onion for rocket. It was so good, I really love bagels. What would have made it better was if there was avocado on it. My mouth is watering as I type.

Take a trip down to the market! You might be surprised by the options available.

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