Life Update #4

Winter is my favourite season. I have always been fond of it for various reasons. It gives me the valid excuse to drink many cups of tea without judgement. Friday nights, which are normally nights out, turn into movie nights and cuddles with Matthew. I love to hear the sound of rain on my bedroom roof at night. Sitting by the fire and reading a book. I can make a pretty extensive list but that may bore you. Unfortunately, I have not been able to enjoy winter like I have had previously. Although I have been drinking tons of tea to calm the nerves, I have been very busy studying for my exams. And before my exams every project or assignment was due. Call me dramatic, but it was exhausting and I felt like I was going crazy.  On Friday I wrote my last exam, and believe me when I say that I cannot wait to sleep for the next four weeks.

In the light of absence, I wanted to include some photos of my last two months. When I selected them, I realised that there are mostly pictures of food. So here is a snippet on what Chelsea ate these last two months.

image6image5 2

image4 2image3 2

image8image2 2

image7image1 2

Even though these two months have been the most stressful months of my life (so far), it has taught me that working hard now will pay off in the future. I was still able to see my friends, party it up with the greeks and eat out too much. Showing photographs of my notes would not be as interesting but I can promise that I spent 90% of my time studying these past two months.

I am going to make a proper effort to carry on posting. I recently got a new lense for my camera. Hopefully that means I can create better quality photos or that I can experiment and gain some more experience with photography.


2 thoughts on “Life Update #4

  1. Lena says:

    great post! just visited your page the first time and I live the layout! Despite that, I love winter too but unfortunately it’s summer here in Europe…
    Lots of love!!


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