Cape Town Markets #3: Mojo Market

The Mojo Market opened up in Seapoint a few months ago. On Saturday, Matthew and I decided to see what all the hype was. What I enjoyed about the market was that there was ample amount of seating. I hate attending a market and have to stand for two hours constantly searching for an open table or seat.

The market is also a permanent market where the stalls are built in with the equipment and not squished together to accommodate hundreds of suppliers. It has the perfect amount of stalls from poké bowls to Argentinean cuisine. There are food options for everyone. There are handcraft leather and jewelry stalls and even a hairdresser on sight.

Live music is played over the weekend and musicians are chosen to provide the perfect background music. The design is retro meets rustic meets African and there are beautiful copper finishes around the bar areas. I even tried my first on tap Gin and Tonic. However, that was not as aesthetically pleasing to take a photo of as I had hoped. I snapped a few photos of what I ate at the market and experimented with my new lense.


This is a toasted wrap by the Argentinean stall. They laid out their dishes at the front of the stall and all the dishes were mouth watering. 


The Italian food stall, Pepe, had various sauces you could choose from and then also you can select your preferred pasta. I chose ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach.



3 thoughts on “Cape Town Markets #3: Mojo Market

  1. Polkadotblonde says:

    The photos look awesome! What kind of camera do you use? I had no idea gin and tonic was available on tap 🤤. That’s pretty cool.


    • chelsearaemoore says:

      Thank you so much! I use the Cannon 1000D, hopefully upgrading soon 🙂 But my lense is what does the magic! Yeah how cool is the gin and tonic on tap! When I saw it, I had to give it a try 😀


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