The Striped Attire


Sunglasses – Ray Ban // Jersey – Mink Pink // Pants – H&M // Brogues – Barbour

This weekend Matthew and I took a trip up to Franschoek to celebrate our three year anniversary. Our day was filled with markets and wine tasting. We were fortunate to have perfect weather for our little getaway. Even though, the air was crispy in the morning, it warmed up throughout the day. I am going to do a blogpost on our weekend away so I shall leave the details for a later post.

I do not wear these pants often but when I do, it feels like a special occasion because they are so different from anything I own. I feel many of us fall into the trap of buying clothes we know we feel comfortable in. That is why when I saw these pants in H&M, I knew that it was time to branch out and try something different. Due to them being high waisted, I thought it was appropriate to pair my cropped black jersey with the pants. I also wore my black leather backpack but I decided to not capture that because I wear it in almost all my outfit posts.

More on my weekend getaway soon!

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