Lunch Dates: What I Wore & The Court Yard Cafe

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The Court Yard Café is situated in the fishing village of Kalk Bay, the place I refer to as home. Kalk Bay is filled with cafés long the main road and up tiny alley ways. The Court Yard Café forms part of an art shop that mainly focuses on African themed art. A tourists dream. It has a view overlooking the ocean and the food is simply delicious. I like to venture into Kalk Bay every now and again to try out new restaurants and wander around the boutiques. My friend, Jenna, and I went there just before exams last semester to catch up, as our busy course schedule doesn’t allow much freedom to make social plans with each other. We are almost done though, three more months and we finish university forever.

I decided to keep my outfit simple, a white shirt from Cotton On, my favourite pair of jeans from ZARA and my trusty Tommy Hilfiger watch. Having basics in your wardrobe is important as it allows you to mix and match with more items in your wardrobe. A white shirt and blue denim jeans is classic, you can never go wrong with throwing those on and you will always look put together.

I hope everyone has a great week!




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