Minimalistic Essentials


Minimalism has become a huge trend these past couple of years. The increased amount of pictures of fashion bloggers wearing monotone clothing with sleek designs and simple textures has flooded my Bloglovin’ feed. And I am all for it! I have always admired bloggers who pull off the look effortlessly and to be honest, it is an aspiration of mine to have the skill to style myself like them one day. At the beginning of this year, I decided to stop spending money unnecessarily on trendy pieces that will only be in for one season. I have started to focus on pieces that be transitional from my university life to my working career. The second reason why I decided to stop spending money unnecessarily is because I am saving to travel in the next two years. But that is a story for a different post.

The other day, when I was brainstorming blog posts, I thought I should delve into my favourite minimalistic essentials that I have come to use regularly. Majority of the items that are present are old but I have used them countless of times and that is why they are worthy of being mentioned. The items I have chosen are basic and many different versions can be found easily in majority of retail shops.

Number One: The Polka Dot Shirt

I have seen many bloggers wearing their polka dot shirts recently, such as Shot from the Street and Samantha Maria. Both of these incredible fashion bloggers, took a basic polka dot shirt, tied it at a crop top length and paired it with high waisted mom jeans. The look is minimalistic but stylish. I pulled the shirt I own out of my cupboard at the beginning of this year and thought that I need to wear it more often. Why? Because it actually has so much potential and opportunities to add something a little different to my outfit. The one bonus about basic polka dot shirts, is that they never really goes out of fashion.

Flat lay two

Number Two: Classic Black Sunglasses

I believe sunglasses always complete an outfit. Black glasses add the sophisticated and “out-together” effect to an average outfit. The reason I chose black sunglasses is because they go with almost any outfit. I follow @magdalenafuez on Instagram and in majority of her photos she is wearing black sunglasses with a simple outfit. The black sunglasses add the sleekness and style needed to uplift the outfit.


Number Three: The Understated Ring

I have always been attracted to rings, whenever I am at a market I end up at the ring stand trying on the silver rings. However, I always prefer the simple ones. Silver is my go-to jewellery metal as I like to keep it co-ordinated and stick to the same metals when pairing jewellery together. Rings are unique to an outfit and adding one helps create character to an outfit. My key rule with minimalist jewellery is to keep it simple and matching. Accessories can take an outfit to the next level, but it is how you pair them together is what will show through your style.


Number Four: Your Scent

One of the first things I notice about someone is their perfume. Your scent you choose can often define who you are. I have a few friends who wear the same scent everyday and if I smell that scent somewhere else, it reminds me of them. This shows, your scent is one the first impressions someone has on you.


Number Five: Black Handbag

A trusty black hand bag is perfect to throw on, on a daily basis, as it goes with almost anything. I generally go for bags that do not show a lot of metal hardware, as it can often come across tacky and cheap. I suggest looking for a bag that is good quality but the style can last “forever”. I believe that if I spend a little more on a quality piece that will last a long time, it is worth the investment.


I hope you enjoyed my favourite minimalistic essentials. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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