How to: Dress Smart Casual

How to-DressSmartCasual

Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Street and Emma Hill from EJ Style have always been my style icons when it comes to smart casual attire. I aspire to one day achieve their impeccable taste and style.

After over two years of reading their blogs (and stalking them over social media), I have started to narrow down and understand how they are able to achieve their smart casual looks. Surprisingly it is very easy (especially if you have an extensive wardrobe). I have decided to share some of the interesting tips I have learned from them over the last two years.

1. Jeans are totally acceptable for smart casual.

Actually, jeans are the “easy way” to transform an outfit from smart to smart casual instantly. Jeans come in various styles, the skinny jean, the boyfriend jean, the bootleg, etc. All of these styles can help you dress an outfit down, but create that perfect smart casual look. Emma and Lizzy pull it off perfectly as seen in the photos below.

Jeans smart casual (1)

2. A Blazer is the perfect jacket.

Blazers are considered to be “work attire” but many fashion icons style blazers with jeans. The blazer jacket adds a sophisticated look to a casual pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Blazer jackets also styles up shorts and skirts. Choosing the right style of blazer jacket for your body shape is also critical. My advice would be to try out the different styles to see what suits you best, whether it be a tailored jacket or an oversized “boyfriend” style.

blazers smart casual

3. High heels

High heels can instantly make an outfit look classy and sophisticated. From strappy black sandals to court shoes, you will always feel more dressed up. I do not wear high heels often so I do not experiment with high heels, but it is on my list to purchase for work next year!

high heels smart casual (1)

I hope these tips helped you! I have popped a picture of me down below, trying to pull off a smart casual look. I tried two incorporate at least two of my tips. I added sneakers because I was going shopping after the event I attended and I wanted to be comfortable for a long day.


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