Cape Town Markets #2: Oranjezicht City Farm – Market

If it is not evident by now that I love food then I clearly haven't been writing enough about food. Last weekend my boyfriend and I finally decided to visit the Oranjezicht City Farm Market. It is situated in Granger Bay, just behind the Waterfront. The market happens every Saturday morning. You can park in the waterfront and take a 2-5 minute walk there. It is busy and vibey, just the way you think a market should be.

Outfit of the Day: Felt like I was in the movie Tarzan for the Day

On Saturday, Cape Town reached 35 degrees! As much as I love warm weather, it was just too hot. I had no choice but to wear a dress, the less amount of clothes, the less hot and sticky I felt. I love this dress from ZARA. I bought it for a friends 21st last year, but had yet to wear it since. The one shoulder strap made me feel like I was appropriately dressed to be in the movie Tarzan. In the dresses simplicity, it was odd to feel so bold and wearing something different to what I would normally wear. It is challenging to get out of your comfort zone but also satisfying.

April Favourites

It is the end of the month and I decided to try something different. A monthly favourites. I do not experiment enough each month with new make-up or skin care, but I would like to incorporate my favourite fashion items each month.

Work Inspiration Wish List

It has dawned on me that next year I am most likely going to enter the work environment. As much as I love to wear track suit pants the whole day, I don't that will accepted when I start working. I feel like a little girl day dreaming about her future. Joining the corporate world, working hard and looking super stylish. A girl can dream right?

Top 5 Cafes in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

I am a Southern Suburbs girl. Most of you may not know what that it is. The Southern Suburbs is the South End of Cape Town. Here in the Southern Suburbs it is a culture to go out to cafΓ©s with your friends. Almost everyone does it. You know about it because everyone Instagrams about it. I feel as if I have attended my fair share of cafΓ©s and have winded down the 5 top cafΓ©s I enjoy to go to. I thought I should share it with you.