Minimalistic Essentials

Minimalism has become a huge trend these past couple of years. The increased amount of pictures of fashion bloggers wearing monotone clothing with sleek designs and simple textures has flooded my Bloglovin' feed. And I am all for it! I have always admired bloggers who pull off the look effortlessly and to be honest, it … Continue reading Minimalistic Essentials

Outfit of the Day: Felt like I was in the movie Tarzan for the Day

On Saturday, Cape Town reached 35 degrees! As much as I love warm weather, it was just too hot. I had no choice but to wear a dress, the less amount of clothes, the less hot and sticky I felt. I love this dress from ZARA. I bought it for a friends 21st last year, but had yet to wear it since. The one shoulder strap made me feel like I was appropriately dressed to be in the movie Tarzan. In the dresses simplicity, it was odd to feel so bold and wearing something different to what I would normally wear. It is challenging to get out of your comfort zone but also satisfying.

April Favourites

It is the end of the month and I decided to try something different. A monthly favourites. I do not experiment enough each month with new make-up or skin care, but I would like to incorporate my favourite fashion items each month.

Work Inspiration Wish List

It has dawned on me that next year I am most likely going to enter the work environment. As much as I love to wear track suit pants the whole day, I don't that will accepted when I start working. I feel like a little girl day dreaming about her future. Joining the corporate world, working hard and looking super stylish. A girl can dream right?

Outfit of the Day: University Uniform

At university, all I want is to be comfortable. Majority of my time spent on campus is in the library. The last thing I want is to wear jeans too tight while I am writing notes or working on an assignment. As I have mentioned many times before, I love to wear jeans and sneakers. This look is a typical outfit that I would wear to university on a warmer Autumn day.

Outfit of the Day: The New White Shirt

This outfit makes me feel like I am about to attend orientation at Oxford university. I think it is the combination of my brown brogues and white shirt. I have been obsessed with getting a white shirt for a while now. I searched for months, but nothing quiet lived up to my expectations.