Video: A Sneak Peak into My Life

I am trying something a little different for this blog post. I recently treated myself to a new camera and wanted to try it out this weekend. The video is a little shaky, but you learn from your mistakes. I hope you enjoy it!      

The Plan for the Next Month

I have been debating on posting this but I know that I have to. University has become so hectic that I do not have time to post twice a week. This is why I made the informed decision to limit myself to one post a week for May. Even though I love blogging, I have to prioritize my studies so I have enough time to get my work done.

Cooking with Chelsea: Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

I love quiche, it is one of my favourite meals. I came across this recipe on Pinterest from the blog The Kittchen. I adapted it a bit so I decided to share my version of this delicious quiche. Recently I have been cooking more and taking more of an interest in food. I have been testing out recipes I find to see what I like. The ones I like I print out and add to my cooking section of my admin file. This recipe is front page worthy!

Life Update #3

Here we go, another monthly update. To be honest, I do not have much to say. Since university has started, the workload has increased. I am about to hand in my proposal for my thesis on Monday. I can't wait to hand it in and not look at it for a few weeks. Shout out to my awesome group members who have woken up early every morning this week so we can meet at 8am! Honestly would not be able to get through this year without them!